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Research laboratories are at the core of our Faculty's research. The websites detail the investigations of each laboratory and provide other useful information.

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Qing Jun Meng's homepage

Qing-Jun Meng Lab
Biological clocks in ageing and diseases.

The Shiels Laboratory homepage

The Shiels Laboratory
The fundamental workings of the mammalian heart as well as hearts from a range of other vertebrate species.

The Turner Lab homepage

The Turner Lab
Research is focused on the plant cell wall, particularly cellulose and xylan biosynthesis, and on vascular tissue development.

Molecular Biotechnology Group homepage

Molecular Enzymology Group
Tackling a number of key questions regarding the structures and mechanisms of enzymes.

The Canal Lab homepage

The Canal Lab
Research that focuses on biological clocks and their postnatal development. We investigate the lifelong consequences of early life experiences on physiology and behaviour.

Manchester Immunology Group homepage

Manchester Immunology Group
Encompassing both basic and clinical study to address key questions in the Immunology field.

Poulin Lab homepage

Poulin Lab
Using C. elegans as a model organism to study how cells adopt specific fates during development.

Hager Lab homepage

Hager Lab
Utilising modelling, bioinformatics and experimental approaches to investigate key questions in evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology.

Sharrocks Lab homepage

Sharrocks Lab
My lab is studying how transcription factors function at the molecular level and how they link to cellular signaling pathways.

Millar Lab homepage

Millar Lab
Histone variants and genome organisation.

BEAM Lab homepage

How our brains use sensory information such as vision and touch to move and interact with the world around us.

Manchester Fly Facility homepage

Manchester Fly Facility
Information about the Manchester Drosophila research community.

Dan Davis Lab homepage

Dan Davis Lab
Using microscopes to learn, by watching, how immune cells detect and kill diseased cells.

White Group homepage

Anne White's Research Group
Studying stress hormones in disease.

Minsung Kim Lab homepage

Minsung Kim Lab
Focused on plant evo-devo, particularly mechanisms controlling shapes and sizes of flowers and leaves.

Systems Neurophysiology Lab homepage

Systems Neurophysiology Lab
We take a systems approach to studying the fundamental principles of computation in neural ensembles.

Buckley Proteomics Lab homepage

Buckley Proteomics Lab
We have three main research interests that utilise 'palaeoproteins.'

Petersen Group homepage

Petersen Group: Neural Coding Laboratory
Our aim is to understand how networks of neurons represent the state of the environment.

Terry Brown Lab homepage

Terry Brown Lab
Our research uses DNA sequence analysis to answer archaeological questions.

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